‘Happiness is only real when shared’, said a wise man once, and I intend to follow his advice.

I’m Karo, originally from beautiful Poland, but lived and experienced living in countries such as Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, and Portugal. A journalist and marketer in CV, but prefer to say that I work for positive communication with no borders.

Karography is meant to explore, create and communicate all the things I love, which are mainly personal growth, marketing, music and traveling. The point is to share experiences and thoughts, cause if we have an idea worth spreading, we should not keep it hidden.  Ideas such as 20challenges methodology of personal growth, hunting the footprints of rock and roll in art & culture, and travelling with the “wind blows” paper sign.

It is no diary, but rather a never-ending report of the great journey called life, which every single one of us experience every day.

Great to have you here. If you want to get in touch to work together on interesting project or you just want to say hi – drop me a message.

Enjoy discovering Karography!

PS. Photo credits and thank you to Ricardo Guimarães. Muito obrigada!

PS.2. Big thank you to Magdalena Kosewska for helping me with Karography’s logo. Wielkie dzięki!