Some say it’s magic. Some say it’s a way of life. Others claim that without it there’s no Music. Rock and Roll – what is it, really? The question’s quite pretentious and right from the start it’s easy to say that there are as many answers as music listeners…

I’ll embrace the challenge though and try to, at least to some level, sum up what the true Rock and Roll means for me. Nonetheless, as Neil Young once said, 'Rock and roll is here to stay’…

Preaching the Blues

It is no secret that if it wasn’t for the Blues, Rock and Roll would probably has never been born. Some people, sunk in too much metal jewelry and overwhelmed with the weight of gel on their hair, tend to forget that. Why the fact that Blues was the very beginning of Rock and Roll is so important? Because without the Blues Rock and Roll would not be so REAL. In the Blues, like not in the other music genres, we could almost see the emotions emerging from the sounds. Sadness, melancholy, disappointment, love, and sometimes just pure, simple joy from playing music. I just believe that what I listen to is true! In the first years of its development Rock and Roll was breathing with the air of Blues lifestyle. It’s so simple that made so many people love it, and so humble that impossible to question.

Muddy Waters is the very first person who pops to my mind when I think ‘Blues’. There is no point of describing all his biography and prove that he’s the unquestionable king of this genre. Just listen to this song…

Bring me back to the 60s

The 60s is definitely my favorite decade. No, not the 70s with its sexual revolution, maxi skirts, flowers in hair and the famous Woodstock dance in mud. The 60s gave birth to the Rock and Roll which I always come back to and which will never bore me. Young The Rolling Stones, young The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Sonics, Herman’s Hermits, young the Kinks… these guys are simply adorable!

The one thing though, that captivates the most in Rock and Roll from 50s/60s, is its unbroken joy of life and happiness from music. You could just hear it! Look at Chuck Berry’s childish smile and you’ll forget about all your worries. Am I being too emotional? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter, cause Chuck had smiled in the same adorable way and played Rock and Roll for all the legendary, incredible 90 years he lived. John Lennon probably felt the same way about Chuck as me, cause he said once: 'If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’.’

Rock and Rollin’ Love

No doubt – Rock and Roll is not only pleasure for the ears. Paradoxically, this music genre could turn its artist to the gods of sex. It seems even more difficult to accomplish, when you look at the boys from The Who or The Motorhead… Still. What’s the trick? Maybe the rhytm, maybe the lyrics, guitars or stage behavior. No matter – I’ll let every lady speak her mind. In the meantime go ahead and watch (young) Jim Morisson or (young) Bob Dylan.

Party Rock Anthem

We had the blues, we had the joy of life, the boys… it is time for parties. Because there is a reason behind a well-know expression Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, which was (and still is) a quite popular measure of a great party. Where does it come from? It’s easy; from the colorful lifestyle of some Rock and Roll musicians. Parties thrown by The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or The Doors had turned into legends.

As an inspiration I can recommend a video clip recorded by David Bowie and Mick Jagger; quite ironically chosen as the best example of a Rock and Roll fun. But come on, who wouldn’t go on a night out with these two sexy gentlemen…? (and yes, I still miss David Bowie).

I love Rock and Roll

Can we even find one definition of Rock and Roll? Well, we could try, but I’m sure it would make no sense. Rock and Roll is just filled with awesomeness. It’s impossible to put it into definition frames, and that’s what makes it so incredible. It is not only music; it’s a lifestyle and also a way of making decisions – and I’m sure many people would agree with this statement. The journey of hunting the footprints of ‘Rock and Roll’ is very fascinating though; and that’s exactly what I am going to do in the next articles.

Before that, let me finish this text with a delightful I love rock and roll by The Arrows. It is my absolute favorite performance of this song. Not only this band played it as firsts, but also they channel such a charmingly uncoordinated, teenage and playful joy of making music. That’s what it’s all about, right? Guess so – and I totally agree with Elvis Presley, who said: 'Rock and roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can’t help but to move to it’.

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