Nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without passion.

/Georg W. F. Hegel/

An equivalent for a happy, fulfilled existence is being able to live a passionate life. A life when you spend hours doing what you really like, what makes you learn, and what contributes to the world. 

I tried doing something that I didn’t enjoy, just because the paycheck looked nice. It didn’t work out, at all. That’s why I promised myself that I won’t ever make the same mistake and focus my career and learning goals solely on my passions. It just makes more sense this way, right?

This section is designed to explore exactly what I like and love: music (rock and roll), traveling, and marketing. However, each one of the articles is meant to educate or inspire, never being 'just a diary’. If you share the same passions or simply want to learn more about those topics – amazing! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


’Rock and Roll Stories’ started with a quest of what we call 'rock and roll lifestyle’. This series will guide you through the definition of rock and the 'best case practices’ of it. Great musicians, legendary songs, unknown gossips and just all the juicy, delicious taste of Rock and Roll – here is what you can expect.

’Travelling with Bob Dylan’. It started with this photo:

Wind Blows

Young Bob Dylan, holding a cartoon paper with hand-written 'wind blows’ reminds us that no matter where you are, no matter who or what is around, wind… well, always blows. My interpretation of this impactful photo is simple: I created a sign very similar to the one he was holding (back in January 2014) and I am taking a photo with it, in every new place I visit, as my personal tribute to this great musician.

In ’Travelling with Bob Dylan’ series you’ll find my subjective travel guides about every place I visited, holding the paper sign. You can also check my Facebook photo album 'Wind Blows’, where I document every single photo taken during this project.

’Nomad Life’ is a section where you can learn about living abroad. I was very lucky to have lots of experiences like this. It started at the age of 16 when my family and I moved to Ireland for a year. Then, already as a student, I used to spend every summer working in a hotel in a beautiful mountain region of northern Italy. During my academic years, I traveled to the Netherlands for a 6-month Erasmus experience. After graduating I went to Lithuania for an AIESEC volunteering project. Then, 2 years in Portugal. Last but not least, I’m currently based in Ireland (again!).

All of those amazing experiences taught me a lot and I’d love to share my learnings with you.

’Marketing’ is something that I have been doing during all my professional career. Copywriting, SEO, e-mail marketing, PR and media relations, journalism… and the adventure continues. If you like marketing as well, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my articles. Let’s learn together!