’Travelling with Bob Dylan’ is a mix between my 2 greatest passions: music and travels. But really, the biggest inspiration ever was this photo:

Wind Blows

Young Bob Dylan, holding a cartoon paper with hand-written 'wind blows’ reminds us that no matter where you are, no matter who or what is around, wind… well, always blows. Calm but powerful statement, maybe meant something totally different for Bob back then (and when I will interview Dylan one day, I’ll surely ask him that!).

My interpretation of this impactful photo is simple: I created a sign very similar to the one he was holding (back in January 2014) and I am taking a photo with it, in every new place I visit, as my personal tribute to this great musician.

In ’Travelling with Bob Dylan’ series you’ll find my subjective travel guides about every place I visited, holding the (super old and destroyed now) paper sign.

You can also check my Facebook photo album 'Wind Blows’, where I document every single photo taken during this project, and get a glimpse of all the places.